The Company

CR Languages is an independent language school located in downtown Boise, Idaho, USA. It was founded in 2010 by Roger Rowles and Julieta Cordovero with personal savings and a mutual passion for languages. Roger, who hails from Challis, Idaho, and Julieta, from Buenos Aires, met by chance on a dance floor in Argentina. What ensued over the following years involved a lot of plane tickets, passport stamps, Skyping, and notes scribbled on napkins, but in the end, two hard working individuals created a place for people to study languages in Boise. Why Boise? Because it’s a fantastic place to live and it needed a language school. Why “CR” Languages? Because Cordovero-Rowles Languages is pretty difficult to spell.

Our Mission

The mission of CR Languages is simple, yet profound. On the surface, we have one goal: we want our students to learn. On a deeper level, we want our students to learn much more than just a language; we want them to become better global citizens.

Mission Statement: 

The mission of CR Languages is for students to learn. Period. As a byproduct of learning a foreign language, students will expand their cultural lens and become well-rounded, engaged citizens of the world.

Our Methodology

Learning a language is extremely difficult and takes a very long time. While some claim that you can learn a new language in ‘just weeks’ like children or the CIA, it’s not true. Learning a language requires exposure, an understanding of grammar and syntax, vocabulary, a lot of studying, and most importantly, overcoming our internal fear of making mistakes. These things are at the heart of the methodology at CR Languages. The classes that we offer are not easy, but students learn. Read more about our methodology and learning a language on our resource page for learning a language.

The People

CRLanguagesJulieta-2Julieta Cordovero-Rowles

Co-Founder | Academic Director | Spanish Instructor

Raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Julieta has always had a passion for history, politics, and languages. While earning a degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires, she began to study languages in order to read texts in their original form. With Spanish as her mother language, she continues to refine her English and Portuguese, and studies French, Italian, German, Russian, and Mandarin. Following her passion, she quit her job in import/export and started a language institute in Buenos Aires, which she operated for four years before moving to Boise. Julieta is constantly refining the 6 course books she has written for the Spanish curriculum and is currently working on a Spanish vocabulary book. She enjoys Brazilian music, heated political discussions, and making students laugh at/with her in class.

RogerRoger Rowles

Co-Founder | Executive Director | English Instructor

Roger first discovered his passion for languages as an AFS foreign exchange student studying German in Switzerland, which set off his addiction for traveling and studying abroad. Roger earned a B.A. in English with a minor in Classical Studies from the University of Idaho and participated in two other study abroad programs, including Semester at Sea, and a semester studying Spanish in Buenos Aires (where he met his beautiful wife Julieta). After completing his degree, he served as an English language assistant in Austria through the Fulbright Commission. In addition to CR Languages, Roger also designs websites for small businesses through a sister company, Made Right Media. Growing up in the mountains of Central Idaho, he also has a passion for the outdoors and can occasionally be seen floating the river, skiing, or slaying trout.

French InstructorMatthew Fraley

French Instructor

Matt grew up in Paris before moving to the south of France (Montpellier). One day, his 6th grade English teacher in France asked him if she was pronouncing something correctly. From that moment on, Matt knew he enjoyed helping others learn languages and studied to become a French (and Spanish) teacher at Northwest Nazarene University, where he now teaches. His favorite aspects of French culture are the people and language, claiming that a heated discussion with a friend is a test of true friendship in France. Matt loves that through teaching French, he gets to meet very interesting people that are very passionate about the language.

His advice for students?

“Anything difficult is worth the effort. Anything different is worth a try. So just try something different, it’s not that difficult!”

LanguageInstructor-1Danny McNeese

ESL Instructor

Danny is a true Pacific North Westerner raised in Seattle and Boise. Danny has been teaching English as a second language for the past six years around the country, and previously taught English literature to high school students. Danny is inspired by all of the different people that he meets teaching and jumps on any opportunity to immerse himself in the melting pot of American culture. He also loves sports and Scrabble. He’s always up for a good game of Scrabble.

LanguageInstructor-3Dandan Shao

Mandarin Chinese Instructor

Dandan comes from the Jiangsu Provence in China where she taught Chinese literature in high school and the Chinese language to students from South Korea. She is a not only well versed, but also very passionate about Chinese history, poems, literature, and the art of calligraphy. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys listening to music, reading, and spending time with family.

LanguageInstructor-2Alessandra Guerriero

Italian and French Instructor

Coming from Milan, Alessandra has an innate passion for language which led her to pursue a degree in translation and French. She is excited to be living in Boise and is even more excited about sharing the French and Italian culture with her students. Alessandra’s favorite parts about French and Italian culture are the arts and history, the beauty of the cities and villages riddled with history, and the adaptation of old traditions. She loves laughing about stereotypes and surprising students with insight into the culture. When Alessandra isn’t teaching French or Italian, you can find her studying other languages, or spending time with family and friends.

Alessandra’s mantra? ‘Il mondo è bello perché é vario.’

LanguageInstructor-4Lydie Frin

French Instructor

Lydie grew up in Rennes, 4 hours west of Paris. With a background in small and medium business operations, she brings a unique and sharp perspective to the classroom. She is very passionate about France and ‘charme francais’. Her favorite part about French culture is the language and the unique words and ways in which the language portrays our life experiences. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Enough about us. What about you?!

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