Julieta M. Cordovero-Rowles

Academic Director – Spanish Instructor – Co-Founder

Raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Julieta has always had a passion for history, politics, and languages. While earning a degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires, she began to study languages in order to read texts in their original form. With Spanish as her mother language, she continues to refine her English and Portuguese, and studies French, Italian, German, Russian, and Mandarin. Following her passion, she established JMC Languages in Buenos Aires as a full service language institute, which she operated for four years before moving to Boise. Julieta is constantly refining the Spanish curriculum and the six course books she recently completed for use in Spanish classes at CR Languages. She enjoys Brazilian music, heated political discussions, and making students laugh at/with her in class.


Roger D. Rowles

Executive Director –  ESL Instructor – Co-Founder

Roger first discovered his passion for languages as an AFS foreign exchange student studying German in Switzerland. Upon returning home to Idaho, he continued studying languages. In addition to participating in a Semester at Sea, and spending several months studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, he earned a degree studying English and Classical Studies from the University of Idaho. After completing his degree, he served as an English language assistant in Austria through the Fulbright Commission. Growing up in the mountains of Central Idaho, he also has a passion for the outdoors and can occasionally be seen floating the river, skiing, or slaying trout.



Mathew Fraley

French Instructor

Matt grew up in Paris before moving to the south of France (Montpellier). One day, his 6th grade English teacher in France asked him if she was pronouncing something correctly. From that moment on, Matt knew he enjoyed helping others learn languages and studied to become a French (and Spanish) teacher at Northwest Nazarene University, where he now teaches. His favorite aspects of French culture are the people and language, claiming that a heated discussion with a friend is a test of true friendship in France. Matt loves that through teaching French, he gets to meet very interesting people that are very passionate about the language.

His advice for students?

“Anything difficult is worth the effort. Anything different is worth a try. So just try something different, it’s not that difficult!”


Shanshan HeShanshanBio

Mandarin Chinese Instructor

Shanshan grew up in Xianyang, Shaanxi province, China (in the very center of the map). She has Master’s in Education from Boise State University and is currently pursuing a doctorate at Northwest Nazarene University. Before coming to Idaho, she worked as an assistant at a Chinese school in California and several law offices. Shanshan’s favorite part about Chinese culture is the food, citing that the importance of food in Chinese culture has resulted in rich and diverse fare. According to Shanshan, American Chinese food simply isn’t the same. Shanshan also loves the extensive history of Chinese culture, dating back 5,000 years, and enjoys visiting museums. In her spare time, you can find her at her home with her husband and son cooking, working in the garden, or watching TV.

Shanshan’s moto?

“ Knowledge is infinite, learning is lifetime. 学无止境”

What students are saying about Shanshan:

“Shanshan’s way of breaking down the sounds of the Initials and finals has finely sunk into my translation which has helped me […] these past few weeks. She is a good teacher and your company benefits from her being on your staff.” Dan B.

“It is very difficult to judge the quality of a class and participate in a class as a teacher myself, but I love learning languages and I think it’s a great way for me to see the work we do in action and see if by taking Mandarin 1, one can actually learn something. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised. Shanshan was very dedicated and brought a lot of energy to the class. I took 4 months and I learned quite a bit! And I am very happy with Shanshan’s work and teaching style.”

—Julieta Cordovero-Rowles

IMGP0953Lanisia Scarbrough

Portuguese Instructor

Born and raised in the tiny islands of Cape Verde, 350 miles off of the West Coast of Africa, Lanisia grew up in a multilingual environment with Creole and its nine variants, and Portuguese. With an inherent enthusiasm to learn more languages, she decided to study French for six years and later on obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a Second language, which afforded her the opportunity to teach English as a Second Language for three years and work as a Portuguese-English translator.  Her ambition to further her career and improve her English proficiency brought her to the United States in 2009.  She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Bilingual Education at Boise State University.   She is always looking for creative and fascinating ways to teach so that students are actively engaged during the learning process. She also loves it when students master a new concept or when they can express themselves in Portuguese, even if it is through short sentences or short conversations.

She is passionate about the outdoors and loves swimming and hiking. Her favorite part about the Cape Verdean culture is the sense of community people have among each other, and she also loves the food.